Aroids are a large and varied group of plants that range from giant aquatic plants to the beautiful anthurium. All are very easy to grow and many will thrive in the typical home environment. Some do fine in shade while others will do best in bright light so make sure to check the descriptions if your not sure what you want.


Amorphophallus titanum The plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. We have a very limited amount of these for export. If you are not familiar with this unusual monster just Google it.

Anthurium brownii A spectacular anthurium with large arrowhead shaped leaves with wavy margins and cream colored veins.

Archs Hawaii (The purple anthurium) Produced in Hawaii this easy growing plant is perfect for indoor growing and produces elegant purple to lavender blooms held high above the foliage. Always blooming and as most anthuriums makes a great cut flower
Mini Pink anthurium A great and easy growing anthurium perfect for the home. Plants produce rich foliage and multiple pink blooms year round. a popular gift from Hawaii
Mini Red anthurium (Mickey Mouse) A great and easy growing anthurium perfect for the home. Plants produce rich foliage and multiple red blooms year round.
Alocasia macrorrhiza (Giant Ape) A giant Alocasia that if given space will produce leaves 3+ feet long on trunks that can grow to eight feet. Tropical plant but very easy to grow if protected from extremes and fed often. Sun or shade.

Alocasia "Black Mask" This variety of the alocasia has a dark green velvet-like leaves with bold white colored veins. The leaves are elephant ear shaped and reach 2-3 feet in length.
Alocasia zebrina This is the true zebrina with contrasting black stripes on the stems. A bit slower growing than most. A tropical plant that needs protection from cold. Filtered light is best.
Typhonodorum lindleyanum An aquatic aroid from Madagascar that is perfect for warmer water gardens. It can get to 12 feet high in its native environment but can be kept smaller in pots for smaller water gardens. Shipped bare root in bundles of 3 seedlings.
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[B.S. = Blooming Size; N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size, SDLNG = Baby plant]