Play our Guess-the-Plant-Contest a FREE orchid

Below is a photo of a plant grown here and possibly a hint or two as to what it is. If you can guess its name we will send you a Free BLOOMING SIZE ORCHID plant selected by us from our nursery. Shipping included!

It's that simple so give it a try. Our only rules are that we want the species name of the plant whenever possible. Common names alone won't work unless it is very specific and obvious (Example: You can't say "Ginger plant" when it's a "Tahitian Ginger" plant). If you really want to nail it you might put the full botanical name, "Alphinia purpurata var."Tahitian". But "Tahitian Ginger" would work for us.
The first person to submit the correct name will win and you can submit as often you wish.
Please don't submit more than 2 (two) guesses per day. If you submit more than that in one day we will only accept your first two. This is to make it a little more fair to everybody playing. Besides, there's always tomorrow.
As time goes on we may add a clue or two if nobody is getting close and a new plant will be posted as soon as the last one is identified. When you submit your answer we'll e-mail you back to let you know if you've won. If you're the lucky winner, we'll get your shipping info at that time so we can send you your free plant.

We can only ship the prize orchid to an address in the United States. (If you are a resident of Alaska you are welcome to play but if you win you need to pay that dreaded FEDEX surcharge in order to receive your prize.) Sorry but Maui residents, friends and family of Tropical Gardens employees are not eligible to play (Sorry, yeah, but that's not fair).

California residents may play our contest however due to changes in your states regulations we will not ship the prize orchid to California. You can have us ship it to any other state if you win though. Sorry

Please note: This contest is not for the purpose of collecting e-mail addresses for any reason, and submitting your guess will not mean you are going to get spammed or solicited in any way. Our only reason for the contest is "FUN" and of course, to get you to keep visiting our site. Also if you happen to be a winner and receive your free plant we hope you will be pleased enough with our product to order from us in the future.

So go ahead and give it your best guess.

The current mystery plant is.... Guess This Plant Name and WIN a FREE orchid!

How about a hint or two.

1.Yes, we will need a species name on this one...

2. Its just the beginning.




Last Winner: Adam McKenna, Union City, CA . USA
Plant Name: Licuala peltata "Elegans".
Last Winning plant