Fragrant plants: Tropical Gardens of Maui Hawaii

Tropical Gardens of Maui is a 4-acre botanical garden and export plant nursery located in Iao Valley on the Island of Maui.

Tropical Gardens of Maui is located on the windward side of the island at the entrance of historic Iao Valley. Planting began in 1987 on a treeless lot that was previously a cut flower farm. Sheltered between the valley walls and being at an elevation of approximately 800 feet has provided ideal conditions for the 4 acres of plants; as a result, the garden has grown rapidly. Our location has also provided us with our own unique micro climate that allows us to easily raise a widely diverse selection of plants ranging from Southwestern American Cactus to bizarre Miniature Palms from the rain forest of Borneo.

The main reason for starting the garden was to create a showcase of tropical plants from all parts of the world, with hundreds of varieties of exotic palms, ginger's, orchids, and many other plants including native Hawaiian plants, many of which are rare or endangered. Flowering trees provide the canopy for the understory vegetation and also provide homes for the many orchids and other air plants that can be seen growing as they would in their native habitat. The collection of plants is always growing with new ones being introduced continuously. Sections of the garden are continually being replanted and improved.

Among the unique plants that can be seen growing in the garden is the orchid plant Grammatophyllum speciosum that in its native land is the largest orchid in the world. This year ours bloomed with 14 spikes reaching 10 to 15 feet each and covered with thousands of flowers. Amherstia Nobilis considered by many to be the most beautiful flowering tree in the world is a new addition to the garden and we hope to see its flower show soon. Also along the walk is the Raphia palm, which has the longest leaves of anything in the plant kingdom, up to 60 feet in length. Throughout the tour, signs identify these and the other plants with botanical names, common names, and country of origin.

For Hawaii residents and Landscapers we have a large selection of potted plants, cuttings, and divisions available for sale from our garden. We also offer contract growing for larger orders. Please call or e-mail for prices and availability.

The Gift Shop is full of unique crafts and island gifts with many things made on Maui. We also have a large selection of Hawaiian and plant-related books. Assorted cold drinks and bottled water is also available. Also in the Gift Shop is the plant packing and shipping desk. If you have purchased plants to carry back to the mainland or if you want to ship them we can do it for you here, while you shop or visit the garden. Tropical Gardens of Maui has over 10,000-sq. ft. of certified growing area that is full of orchids and other exotic plants for sale. All of the plants in our greenhouses are certified for export to the U.S. mainland. They can be packed for hand carry or we offer guaranteed shipping with Fed-Ex. We raise all the plants ourselves and, whether they are a result of our breeding or from another local breeder, we concentrate on plants that are very easy to grow and flower in the home environment. At the same time we also try to offer the serious plant collector something they won't be likely find anywhere else. If you don't see what you are looking on our site feel free tom call or e mail us since we always have a few things that are to few to list or that we are feel aren't quite ready to list yet. We don't put anything out until it is well established in the pot size listed.

The self guided tour through the garden crosses Iao Stream and passes the koi pond and palm grotto before working up the hill that has been terraced and made into taro patches where the visitor can see some of the many varieties of Hawaiian taro and find out how it is grown.

At the top of the hill a row of Banyan trees provides a home for all kinds of shade loving orchids that grow among the massive aerial roots of the trees. The top of the hill also provides an excellent overview of the garden and the surrounding area.

Spread throughout the garden are picnic tables, visitors are welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy in the peaceful surroundings that is home for a diverse selection of plant life.

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