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Garden walk There are over a thousand species growing in our garden. Everywhere you turn there is something new to see.
The walk disappears into the dark understory with the Dwarf Snow Bush leading the way. A Calliandra surinamensis is in bloom on the left. Walkway

Backmound area Giant vriesea's growing along the walk.

Alocasia portei growing up along the back mound trail, looking like one of the Jolly Green Giant's favorite vegetables. A. portei

backmound Looking at the back of the garden from one of the upper terraces. The tree with yellow flowers is a dwarf Cassia.

Koi Pond and Palm Garden. Koi pond

Gram. speciosum A Grammatophyllum speciosum in full bloom with hundreds of flowers.

A young Philodendron melanochrysum beginning to climb up Hawaiian Koa tree. Philodendron melanochrysum

Clinostigma Palm Red Clerodendrums in bloom under a very young Clinostigma.

Looking down the center lawn area from our sales building. center lawn

Anthurium species An Anthurium species and Monstera growing along the side of one of the waterfall ponds. In the spring the Curcumas will begin to emerge and bloom behind these.

Looking into Iao Valley from the bridge in the garden. Veiw from the bridge
Amorphophallus titanum "Amorphophallus titanum"
- The first bloom of one of our Amorphophallus titanum plants. This plant is about 10 years old. Amorphophallus titanum produces the largest inflorescence of any plant in the world. The blooms can reach eight ft. tall and will last only a few days. They have a very distinct scent of rotting flesh but the flower is very beautiful and delicate. Titanum has only bloomed a handful of times in the United States in the last century. This photo was taken on August 17th.2007

"Amorphophallus titanum"
- This photo was taken on August 19th. As you can see, it emerges fast
Amorphophallus titanum

Amorphophallus titanum "Growing fast"
(Amorphophallus titanum)

- This was taken on August 22. No smell yet.
Amorphophallus titanum "Amorphophallus titanum"
- This was taken on August 24th. We will post more pics later