Hibiscus plants...

Hibiscus plants are some of the easiest plants to grow. Most of ours are hybrids bred here in Hawaii and are selected for their hardiness and huge dinner-plate sized blooms. From time to time we also offer some of the native Hawaiian species that grow here naturally. Just give them some sun and a little protection and watch them bloom.

While we move our inventory to our new nursery we have removed our hibiscus. They will return shortly.

Cotton Candy hibiscus
Cotton Candy
Sumo Pink hibiscus
Sumo Pink
Iao Red hibiscus
Iao Red
Maniania hibiscus
Kapilau hibiscus
Kepaniwai hibiscus
Lemon Zest hibiscus
Lemon Zest
Chevron Red Hibiscus
Chevron Red Huge fire-engine red flowers with perfect round shape
Brown Derby Hibiscus
Brown Derby One of the best browns around. A huge double flower with a little pink in the center. A vigorous grower.
Powder Puff Hibiscus
Powder Puff A very strong-growing plant with huge solid white double blooms. An easy hybrid to grow and flower. Very showy.
Izumi Chiffon Yellow Hibiscus
Izumi Chiffon Yellow Huge singles with a buttery yellow color that changes to pure white toward the center. Excellent shape with nice ruffles in the petals. A very strong free-blooming plant.
Iao Pink Giant soft pink turning white toward the center with excellent shape.
Howard Past Hibiscus
Howard Past Giant dinner-plate sizes single flowers that start soft butter yellow around the edge and change to brilliant orange, pink and deep maroon toward the center. One of our most popular hybrids and a strong grower.
Izumi Orange Hibiscus
Izumi Orange Another giant dinner-plate sized hybrid with glowing orange flowers. Always in bloom in the garden.
Izumi Hula Hibiscus
Izumi Hula Bright yellow flowers with a deep red center bordered by a touch of pink. Another great bloomer. Like a Hula Girl on steroids.
Izumi Double Pink Hibiscus
Izumi Double Pink Giant dinner-plate sized double flowers of brilliant pink. Strong grower.
Brown Derby Hibiscus
Brown Derby
Iao Sunset Hibiscus
Iao Sunset
Iao Magenta Hibiscus
Iao Magenta
Iao Valley Orange Hibiscus
Iao Valley Orange
Izumi Pink Hibiscus
Izumi Pink
St. John's Hibiscus
St. John's hibiscus
Izumi Double Red
Izumi Double Red
Pele's Fire hibiscus
Pele's Fire hibiscus
Iao Burgundy hibiscus
Iao Burgundy