Blooming in our Greenhouse
Aloha. The plants on this page are beginning to spike or bud. Order one or more of these to enjoy the flowers without a long wait. Whenever possible we ship plants in short spike or tight bud for safest arrival. Plants are usually 1 to 2 weeks from blooming. (Please note: Our shipping guarantee applies to all plants).

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Mtssa. Charles M Fitch "Izumi"

Mericlone. A warm tolerant and easy flowering member of the Oncidium family with large sprays of big starry flowers of white and lavender marbling. In bloom now.

Mtssa. Charles M Fitch
Blc. Hawaiian Wahine 'Carmela' Blc. Hawaiian Wahine 'Carmela'

- Mericlone. A fragrant reddish purple flower with a darker purple lip that has a bit of yellow. Huge sweetly scented flowers. Great gift plant. These are in bud now and will start blooming in a couple weeks. and ready to ship.

Onc. Sweet Sugar 'Angel'
- Mericlone. Classic dancing ladies. Large yellow flowers on compact branching sprays. Large plants can bloom 2 to 3 times a year. Very easy to grow and flower. In bud now.
Onc. Sweet Sugar 'Angel'
Mtdm. Hawaiian Sunset Mtdm. Hawaiian Sunset"

- Long branching sprays send out masses of small golden flowers with big red and white lips. Easy growers and bloom often. When mature they can have hundreds of flowers at one time and are very showy. Always in spike or bloom. Great gift plant.

Odbrs. Kenneth Bivens 'Santa Barbara' HCC/AOS x Brs. Rex 'Tahoma' AM/AOS Odbrs. Kenneth Bivens 'Santa Barbara' HCC/AOS x Brs. Rex 'Tahoma' AM/AOS

-Fast and easy growing Brassia type with long sprays of huge exotic slender spider-shaped flowers similar to Kenneth Bivens but with the wild Brs. Rex traits too. These are better bloomers than Rex and begin blooming when small and bloom often. In spike and bud now. Great gift plant.

Onc. Sharry Baby "Red Fantasy"
- Mericlone. Outstanding variety of Sharry Baby with deep red flowers with reddish pink lips. Sprays are a more manageable size than 'Sweet Fragrance' but mature plants can still send out hundreds of flowers at a time. Easy growing and cool tolerant. These can bloom twice a year with ease. Same great chocolate scent.
Onc. Sharry Baby
L. Purpurata 'Schuster'BORDER= L. Purpurata 'Schuster'

- Mericlone. A terrific variety of a famous species with white sepals and petals and a deeper colored lip. Plants are vigorous growers and produce large flowers. We have a limited amount in spike and bud for the next few weeks. These will be head turners as they mature.

Mclna. Pagan Lovesong Mclna. Pagan Lovesong "Chocolate Thunder"

- Mericlone. Tall strong spikes with many butter-yellow flowers and bold leopard spotting. Very striking. Easy to flower and blooms often. In bloom thru February.

Lc. Mini Purple 'Princess Road'
- Mericlone. Another great Mini Purple hybrid. Small plants with full shaped deep purple blooms. Easy growing. Blooming size 4" pot. In bud now.
Milt. Bert Field 'Leash' AM/AOS Milt. Bert Field 'Leash' AM/AOS

-Mericlone. Very easy growing and colorful intermediate Miltonia with long arching sprays of red pansy flowers. In spike now. Great gift plant.

Blc. Mem. Anna Balmores 'Carmela'
- Mericlone. Very large well-shaped white flowers with flaring and with a nice contrasting red lip. Easy grower. Very fragrant. Once mature can flower a couple times a year. Flowers are about 5"- 6" in diameter. In bud and shneath now!
Blc. (walkeriana x Good News) 'Carmela'
- Mericlone. Very fragrant flowers, white with contrasting red flaring on the sepals and petals and a deep red lip. In bud and sheath now!
C. Dupreana "coerulea" subvar. "Kodama"'
- Mericlone. Fast & easy growing cat with very large light blue colored flowers and a deeper blue lip.
Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Clouds'BORDER= Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Clouds'

- A warm tolerant and easy flowering Miltonia with near pure white flowers cascading on long arching sprays. In spike now thru the summer.

Mtssa. Shelob 'Tolkien'
- Mericlone. Another spider-type flower with long sprays and large flowers. The petals have yellow tips and large dark purple spots that blend into each other. A hint of yellow outlines the flower, while sporting a yellow lip spotted with purple and hints of pink. These are very easy to grow and flower compared to some others of this type. In bud now.
Milt. Breathless Milt. Breathless "Brilliant"

- Mericlone. Another very easy growing Miltonia with long arching sprays of red pansy flowers. This one with a striking "waterfall" face. These are already blooming size in 2-inch pots and will produce many flowers as they mature. In Spike Now!

Pot. Luna Juane "Celebration"
- Mericlone. Terrific bloomer with round golden yellow flowers on smaller plants. A large plant for the pot size. Blooming now and should be avaliable into March.

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