Oncidium Alliance Orchids...

There are over 700 species of Oncidium Alliance Orchids coming from Central and South America and thousands of hybrids around today. They have become very popular and make excellent cut flowers and potted plants. Today's breeding has created plants that can bloom throughout the year with hundreds of flowers. Along with the classic "Dancing Lady" shaped flowers, today's breeders have created many new intergeneric hybrids that have larger flowers with a wider range of colors. Nearly all of today's hybrids thrive in the typical home environment with sufficient light and modest care. Here we offer a few of the newer hybrids. All are of the highest quality and very easy to grow and flower.

When you order from our list please note the following terms & abbreviations in our plant descriptions:
  • A Mericlone has been propagated by cloning and every plant will grow the same and bloom with the same flower as others with the same name. A Mericlone is a proven variety that has been cloned to retain its special & unique characteristics.
  • A clone's name is usually followed by a varietal name in quotation marks. If a plant is not a mericlone that means it has been propagated from seed. Like your kids, no two will be the exact same even though there may be similarities, this is how new varieties are discovered or created. If you want a one of a kind or you are looking for something new and unique then try an Orchid propagated from seed.
  • Sdlng. = Baby Plant
  • B.S. = Blooming Size.
  • N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size (usually within 1 year of first bloom).
  • Com. pot = A 4" pot with aprox. 16 to 20 baby plants.

Mtssa. Royal Robe 'Jerry's Pick' HCC/AOS Mericlone
Mtssa. Royal Robe 'Jerry's Pick' HCC/AOS Long sprays of reddish-purple spider-shaped flowers bloom on long sprays with many blooms. The flowers are nicely scented and the plants can bloom 2 or 3 times a year.
Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Clouds' Mericlone. A warm tolerant and easy flowering Miltonia with near pure white flowers cascading on long arching sprays.
Milt. Bert Field 'Leash' AM/AOS Mericlone. Very easy growing and colorful intermediate Miltonia with long arching sprays of red pansy flowers. These were already blooming size in 2-inch pots.
Milt. Breathless 'Brilliant' Mericlone. Another very easy growing Miltonia with long arching sprays of red pansy flowers. This one with a striking "waterfall" face. These are already blooming size in 2-inch pots and will produce many flowers as they mature.
Mclna. Pagan Lovesong 'Chocolate Thunder' Mericlone. Tall strong spikes with many butter-yellow flowers and bold leopard spotting. Very striking. Easy to flower and blooms often.
Mtssa. Shelob 'Tolkien' Mericlone. Another spider-type flower with long sprays and large flowers. The petals have yellow tips and large dark purple spots that blend into each other. A hint of yellow outlines the flower, while sporting a yellow lip spotted with purple and hints of pink. These are very easy to grow and flower compared to some others of this type.
Mtssa. Charles M Fitch 'Izumi' Mericlone. A very easy-growing Brassia type orchid with free flowering long sprays of spider-shaped blooms with purple spots. Many sprays on mature plants.
Onc. Sweet Sugar 'Angel' Classic dancing ladies. Large yellow flowers on compact branching sprays. Large plants can bloom 2 to 3 times a year.
Mtdm. Bartley Schwarz 'Highland' AM/AOS Long branching sprays of brilliant red and white flowers on easy blooming plants. Large plants create a stunning display.
Mtdm. Hawaiian Sunset Long branching sprays send out masses of small golden flowers with big red and white lips. Easy growers and bloom often. When mature they can have hundreds of flowers at one time and are very showy.
Onc. Sharry Baby 'Red Fantasy' Mericlone. Outstanding variety of Sharry Baby with deep red flowers with reddish pink lips. Sprays are a more manageable size than 'Sweet Fragrance' but mature plants can still send out hundreds of flowers at a time. Easy growing and cool tolerant. These can bloom twice a year with ease. Same great chocolate scent.
Odbrs. Kenneth Bivens 'Santa Barbara' HCC/AOS x Brs. Rex 'Tahoma' AM/AOS Fast-growing Brassia type with long sprays of huge slender spider-shaped flowers similar to Kenneth Bivens but with the wild Brs. Rex traits too. These are better bloomers than Rex and begin blooming when small and bloom often.
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[B.S. = Blooming Size; N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size]