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Nursery Specials

Amorphophallus titanum The plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. We have a very limited amount of these for export, and they are currently actively growing in leaf. If you are not familiar with this unusual monster just Google it.

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Other Specials
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Our Collections

Check out our great "instant" plant collections to help you or someone else start growing...

Easy Growing Orchid Collection Six easy-growing orchids that have varied blooming seasons or bloom multiple times a year to provide year-round flowering. All plants are blooming size and when possible we will always ship plants in spike or bud depending on season. All plants are listed for sale individually on the other pages of our site. As a collection they are discounted. (Please no substitutions.)
C. Dupreana 'coerulea' subvar. 'Kodama'
Pot. Little Toshie 'Mini Flare'
L. purpurata 'Schuster'
Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Clouds'
Mtdm. Hawaiian Sunset
Odbrs. Kenneth Bivens 'Santa Barbara' HCC/AOS x Brs. Rex 'Tahoma' AM/AOS

Tropical Plant Collection A collection of 3 beautiful orchids, 2 compact palms great for container growing, 5 other popular plants and a bundle of easy growing Ti plant cuttings from our inventory, and a varigaited Hawaiian Ti plant. Like the above collection, these are available individually on other pages but are discounted when bundled in this collection. (Please no substitutions)
Lc. Angels Treasure 'Hawaii'
Den. wasselii
Odbrs. Kenneth Bivens 'Santa Barbara' HCC/AOS x Brs. Rex 'Tahoma' AM/AOS
Iao Sunset Plumeria plant
Calyptrocalyx hollrungii (palm)
Licuala grandis (palm)
Red Ginger
Purple Anthurium (Archs Hawaii)
Zebra Costus
Aunty Lue Ti plant cuttings
Izumi Double Red hibiscus
Lava Rock Bonsai Plant

Exotic Tropical Flower Screen Saver CD Of the hundreds of flowers photos from our garden we have selected 30 of the best and most spectacular ones and put them in a great screen saver program. They are large full screen size pictures and have the names of each flower as it is displayed. Easy to install with a fully customizable control panel and dozens of image transition effects. The "read me" file also contains interesting facts on all the flowers. For computers with Windows operating systems. The price is $10.95 & includes shipping and handling
If you are looking for something in particular please e-mail us. There are always a few things in bud that are too few to list on this page. Don't wait too long. They always go fast.